EFFECTIVE DATE: 01/09/2023
  1. Paradis has a strict 2 hour and 4-hour table turnover for events or regular dining, respectively. We encourage patrons to commence with their activities at their reserved time and conclude within the 4 hour or 2 hour timeframe. Booked spaces are opened to walk-ins after the turnover period lapses.
  2. For parties of 10 guests and above, Paradis requires a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of N100,000 to lock down reservations. The amount will be deducted from the final consumption bill.  An invoice comprising all our account information will be drafted and shared with customers. A proof of payment is required for confirmation.
  3. Large bookings from 40 guests and above will require FULL PAYMENT upfront.
  4. ‍ALL outstanding bills must be paid immediately after every event. Payment is NON-REFUNDABLE. In cases where the payment made exceeds the final consumption bill, owing to fewer guests in attendance than expected, the restaurant will not offer refunds.
  5. Events that involve decorations and rentals of any kind are strictly handled by customers. Paradis can provide contacts of event planners based on guests' requests. The Floor Manager should be informed about concept/design preferences of decorations for specific assistance or suggestions to be given. We strongly advise that decorations are done in booked spaces within the given timeframe to avoid interference with other dining guests.